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Our commercial division has the facility to carry out jobs both large and small. We employ high quality, experienced decorators and production managers to deliver the project on time and on budget. We also provide a service for limited building work, if required as part of the decorations.

Our work encompasses everything from offices and shops, to schools, hospitals and government buildings.

  • We service all around buckingshire and the surrounding counties
  • Free and detailed quotes given day, night or over the weekend
  • Flexible hours to suit business times and convenience
  • We work 50 weeks of the year, 7 days a week
  • Extensive insurance and health and safety cover is maintained



The difference between painting the inside of a property and outside of a property is the outside is exposed to the changing elements. And the problem is getting the job to last for as long as possible.

When our estimator sees bare wood exposed and deep cracks through the paint, he knows that problem has trebled, as the weather has already affected the wood, so making it less resilient to the changes in temperature and damp.

We use a tougher filler and exterior paint. However, the above has a big say on how long the paint job will last.

The walls are more able to resist nature’s bashing and the thick exterior paint often last a lot longer than the wood areas. In fact, they usually get dirty and grubby rather than come away.

Previously painted iron like gutters and downpipes can rust. So that rust needs handling then a metal paint should be applied. Done properly, they would also last a good while.

We do our best to get any exterior job we do to last for at least three years, and in fact provide a two-year guarantee.



Interior residential decorating is the most diverse, and the place many people have the greatest fun, but no matter the choices in colour or the shape of the room, our rs painters and decorators know that interior decorating requires accuracy and thorough preparation.

Our interior work begins with ensuring all furniture is fully covered, all surfaces are properly prepared and wood repairs or filling around windows and skirting are thoroughly complete. Only then will we bring out the brushes, paint or perhaps wallpaper. All painting is done thoroughly with undercoating and a smooth finish.

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