Everything you need to know about contracting a painter and decorator, what to look for in a professional decorating company and what you can expect when you work with RS Interiors

Do you have any references that I can follow up?

Yes, check out our Google page to see what our customers have to say about us.

We pride ourselves on our good standing among our clientele and encourage feedback at every stage of the job.  While for us the greatest satisfaction is from customers who return year on year, it’s always nice to read what people have to say about us.  We encourage all our customers to keep us informed about how we are doing during the job, and afterwards, and we hope that our customers are not shy about sharing their experience on sites like Google, just take a look at what some other people we’ve worked with have got to say about us.

I see you are based in Milton Keynes, but I’m further afield, will you come out to me?

As a painter and decorator in Milton Keynes and Bletchley, we cover a wide area of Hampshire and Buckinghamshire and are always available to discuss your project, simply send us an email, or a message through our contact page. We accept projects from across the country, because we know quality can be hard to find.

Do you provide quotes for insurance work?

Absolutely, we have many years experience providing quotes for insurance claims. We can provide a written quote to present to your insurance company. Usually, it is the decision of the insurance company as to how they evaluate quotes, often simply choosing the cheapest without always taking into account the company’s reputation for doing the job right. We don’t cut corners.

Do I need to move out while the painting and decorating is underway?

No, not usually, we try to carry out our work with minimum disruption to you.  Of course, every job is different, but we pride ourselves on protecting furniture, carpets, and all areas not part of the agreed project, prior to getting started on the job.  On larger decorating jobs there may be areas temporarily out of use, but that will always be minimal and by arrangement with what suits best.

Do you clean up after the work is finished?

We always try to leave the area we have worked on immaculate upon completion.  A clean work area is as important to us as knowing how to paint in a straight line.

Is there anything I need to do before painting or decorating starts?

It certainly helps make the job quicker when we can work on a room clear of furniture and, as much as possible, other items. Sometimes, however, we understand that this just isn’t practical – for example, we can work jobs around office IT systems and other fittings. 

We will place protective sheets and masking on any remaining areas that need to be protected prior to bringing in the equipment for painting.

What about cleaning up afterwards?

We make a clean workspace one of our top priorities, and always tidy up after ourselves at the end of every day, and then once the project is finished, we clean thoroughly from top to bottom.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance plus damage insurance. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about how our coverage works.

Once the painting or decoration is complete, how long is it before a room is usable?

While paint can feel dry after about 24 hours, and so you can then replace the furniture, it can take up to two weeks to fully set, so we recommend being careful to start with.

Do you work on your own or as a team?

While our team of professional painters and decorators come from  Bletchley and Milton Keynes, we provide services across Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire and are known throughout the counties for our high-quality work and fair pricing.

Will you come out to give me a quote?

Our team recommends an initial consultation, giving you the chance to see if we are the right company for your job and more importantly advise you on the best materials for the project. We want to help you make the right choices for your specific needs.

How long will my job take?

That all depends on the size or complexity of the job and how much forward planning we are afforded. The earlier we start talking, the more accurate we can be about the journey to project completion.

What makes you better than other local decorators in Buckinghamshire?

We have over 20 years in the industry and more importantly a hugely experienced team. Competent, trustworthy and friendly, our staff are our edge.

Are your painters and decorators fully qualified?

Our team of painters and decorators are all fully qualified and through many years of experience have honed their knowledge while keeping their skills up to date, though we are not adverse to working with anyone studying for their final qualification, it takes dedication to achieve consistent results to the highest standards. 

Can you provide scaffolding?

As experienced Milton Keynes decorators, we can of course include all of the equipment required to complete any project.  All requirements such as scaffolding, waste removal, heavy machinery etc should all be agreed at the planning stage.

Do I need to remove all furniture before you start redecorating?

The less clutter there is in the room, the better.  We want to be able to complete the job to the highest possible standard, and a clean space helps us to achieve that.  We will take care to protect items that remain in the area we are working. 

Are you able to carry out external decorating during the Winter months?

While winter weather can be trickier and more time consuming to work in, we are all year round professionals.  Give us a call, talk over your external decorating job with us, and we will see how best we can help you, any time of year. 

How long will it take to paint my house?

The size of the job, and the number of surfaces involved, is the main issue that will decide how long we can expect it to take. Once our consultants have a more solid idea of the project in hand they will be able to give you an accurate estimate.

If I get the interior of my house decorated do I have to provide the paint, brushes, rollers etc?

We will quote you for the entire project, including labour, materials and equipment.  Our teams will arrive fully prepared, and clear away again once they are done.

Why should I choose a painter and decorator near me?

Local businesses like ours ultimately aim to offer you a much better experience in terms of customer service and satisfaction.  We flourish from repeat business and word of mouth recommendations, while aiming to keep costs down to local prices, and help to keep the business in our local communities, which is good for everyone.  It is always easier to communicate with a business based in your locality, when possible. 

Do you clean up after the work is finished?

Absolutely! We take pride in our decorating work, and ensure that everything is spotless before we leave. We aim to leave every space we have worked on in immaculate condition. We know that we don’t just paint houses, we paint homes. As a matter of fact, we have a team of cleaners that can come in and professionally clean your house, office or workspace on request!

How do I get an estimate?

That’s easy – simply visit our contact page and get in touch. We are a local decorating company and we’ll come and visit you and provide a proper, written estimate and work plan.

How should I prepare my premises for the decorators?

You are welcome to save time by moving furniture to the centre of each room. However, you are under no obligation to do so and we are happy to do this on your behalf.

Do painting and decorating companies charge extras?

We avoid all hidden costs by providing you with a comprehensive and realistic quote.  It is very important to us that you understand what is involved in doing work properly, and so will always want you to agree the costs prior to the job being done.

Are quotes free?

Yes. As local painters and decorators, based in Milton Keynes, all our quotes are free. Give us a call and one of the team will be happy to discuss your needs and give you a free quote for the job.